Monday, April 16, 2012

Salad? Isn't that with lettuce?

Salad isn't just made up of lettuce anymore, folks!

I'm a big fan of all types of salad. Pasta, bean, potato, egg, fruit and your traditional leafy greens. My last post included a fruit salad, but this time I'd like to dive into a hybrid salad. I only bring salad back up because I had an uh-maaaazing southwest taco salad at one of my local digs this past weekend. Best part? Half price on Groupon! Dear goodness, if you have yet to try to find a deal on there... GO! I'm waiting to redeem the one I just picked up for Mellow Mushroom pizza.. mmm pizza & beer. Oh right, back to salad!

"Hybrid salad, you say?". Why, yes! It's a bean & pasta mixture. Sounds kinda weird, I'm sure. But try it - you'll like it!

Salmon tortellini salad

»1 package/can of wild caught Salmon
»1 can of garbanzo beans [or boil the heck out of dried beans like I do]
»1 package of tortellini [I use whole wheat Bertolli - found in the 'fridgerated section]
»handful of sundried tomatoes
»couple leaves of fresh basil
» Parmesan cheese
»Italian dressing [or your choice of a similar vinaigrette]

[pasta is on the stove - the picture of that was boring]

•While the pasta cools, put your beans into the bowl or storage container you plan on using
•Chop up your basil and sundried tomatoes. If your tomatoes are in oil, drain/dry them [mine come dry].

•Strain out the pasta if you haven't already and add them to your bowl. Gently fold the two together.
•If salmon is in water, drain it out and also gently fold into your mixture [some cans have bones, be careful].
•Add your dressing choice [I don't measure, but if I had to guess... ½ cup or so] until everything is nice and coated
•Sprinkle in the Parmesan until you feel like stopping
•Add the basil & tomatoes.

•Try not to ravage the whole container in one sitting.

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