Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Baby, come back!

You can blame it all on me!

Okay okay, it's from the Swiffer commercial where the fancy little Swiffer has kicked the old mop & bucket to the curb. I have one, it's pink, and I got a 3 n 1 starter kit for really cheap at my local Big Lots about a 1½ years ago when I moved into my apartment.


Well, I just moved out of my apartment into a house and now I need my little guy more than ever [95% tiled floors, yaaay]. I used my last mop pad for it while cleaning out the apartment.. uh oh, how am I going to mop this entire house [that needed about 5 moppings - badly!]? I didn't fancy buying new ones because I find the sweeper & mop pads wasteful... use it once and toss it. Blek.

While at my local Dollar Tree [♥] shopping for cleaning accessories for the house, I noticed a cute [pink] little microfiber cloth that looked like it could come in handy. Lo and behold - it was the perfect size for the Swiffer! No alterations necessary - just fasten that bad boy in like you would the disposable ones. It holds snug and doesn't fall off.

Fill a spray bottle with half water, half vinegar and shoot the floor and mop it. Presto! The cloth is machine washable and you just cleaned your floor naturally. No waste, no harsh chemicals. If you don't care for the smell of vinegar, you can soak some orange peels with it or add a drop or two of essential oil (orange oil is a degreaser, fyi). My bottle is filled with lavender, and I use the same combo [-sans water] in my laundry as a 'fabric softener' with my home made lavender scented laundry soap.

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