Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Cosmo VoxBox

So, what's a voxbox you ask? I have no idea what it means, but it contains goodies!

There's a little site called Influenster and I heard about it through a friend. I didn't think it was going to be as fantastic as it is, since most 'test free product' sites are always a let down. Influenster definitely is NOT a let down!

First of all, you do a bunch of surveys and questionnaires about yourself to show what you are interested in. If you are a match for a product, you get an email with pre-qualification survey to see if you really are a fit for the program they are launching. It's that simple.. and you wait for the email saying you're in!

I got my first voxbox in November I think. Here are the FULL-SIZED FREEBIES it contained:

•Pilot FriXion pens - 1 black, 1 orange.
 -Amazing little gen pens. They write super smooth and the ink doesnt smear around or bleed through your paper. Best part is that they are oops-proof aka erasable. The eraser doesn't fully clear the ink but it does get most of it off. The orange was really vivid so I'm interested to see if they have purple or pink. I gave my husband the black one to test out but he lost it at work or the klepto cat stole it.

•Venus Embrace razor & 1 Olay razor refill (AND $2 off coupon).
 -I've used Venus razors for years but the new Embrace is a 5 bladed razor. Its a smooth, close shave for sure. If you like the Venus already, you'll like it. The Olay razor has a big stick of Olay soap on top so it smooths while shaving. It's not a bad concept but it seems inconsistent and the plastic underneath is pointy and scrapes at your skin when it starts running out. And of course, nothing bad to say about a coupon for $2 off my next purchase. Oh, and any Venus refill blade fits on ALL Venus razors! So if you have the original, you can put any refill blade on it.

•Bath & Body Works Forever Red perfume.
 -My initial reaction to the scent is that it was fantastic! It has a fruity and musky smell.. very fun and sensual. It's perfect for work or going out. It goes on strong but doesn't stay all day. The price is really high for what it is, so I'd probably pass on the larger bottle.

•Ghiradelli Sea salt & almond chocolate bar.
 -You can't go wrong with chocolate.. ever. Unfortunately since I live in Florida, my bar arrived partially melted (yes, even in November). I tossed it in the fridge and it was perfectly fine. I love sea salt and chocolate, but the bits of almond I wasn't a huge fan of. It's also milk chocolate, so if it comes in a dark variety I'm sold.

Once you're done testing out the products, you spread the word and do another questionnaire on your opinions on everything. Voila!

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